Windows versus Linux for Netbeans

This article is an old story about two different camps, the Linux or the Windows side. To be honest I find that windows 7 suites my needs and is always easy to work with, where with Linux you need sometime some more configuration effort (time) to get things working.

Nevertheless, I started programming with Java EE 7 and Glassfish/Payara and have chosen Netbeans as IDE. The startup under windows took quite some while and after watching some youtube tutorials I thought that the startup speed could be faster. So I decided to install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on the same machine as dual boot.

Version and conditions:
– Netbeans 8.1
– Windows 7 with all patches/SP (waited till the OS loaded everything)
– Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (waited till the OS loaded everything)
– All projects closed in Netbeans, only startup time was measured

First startup: 49,48 s
Second startup: 9,76 s (first started and closed outlook and chrome)

First startup: 23,46 s
Second startup: 7,43 (first started and closed thunderbird and chrome)

It seems that Ubuntu will be my preferred development environment ;-). Also the responsiveness with Ubuntu is faster and the startup of Pyara server is faster as well.

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