Linkit 7688 No Wifi after initial boot

After unpacking the Linkit Smart 7688 and power it up I did not get any Wifi network.

Normal behaviour: After the boot loader has initialized the boot up process begins, which takes about 30 seconds. Next, the Wi-Fi LED turns off; this means the system is ready to accept a Wi-Fi connection. The 7688 becomes an access point (AP) based on his mac address (LinkIt_Smart_7688_XXXXXX, where xxxx is the mac address)

Unfortunately I did not see any SSID broadcasted. To solve this please do a factory reset using the Wifi button (middle button).


  1. Boot up the board and wait for the Wi-Fi LED to go off.
  2. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button for at least 20 seconds and release.
  3. The Wi-Fi LED will blink fast for 1 second while performing a factory reset.

Now you can connect to the board.

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